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1965 Aurora Addams Family Haunted House Build Up

1966 Aurora Forgotten Prisoner of Castel-Maré

1963 Aurora The Mummy

1965 Aurora The Witch

1963 Aurora The Wolfman

1963 Aurora The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Polar Lights Re-Issue of the Hunchback of Notre Dame C.O.P.P James Cagney Conversion Kit

1964 Aurora Godzilla

1961 Aurora


Moebius Re-Issue of Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde C.O.P.P. March Madness Conversion Kit

 Re-Issue of Dracula C.O.P.P. Bela Lugosi Conversion Kit

2017 Moebius Creature from the Black Lagoon

2017 MPC Re-Issue Dark Shadows Werewolf / How To Make a Monster

2015 MPC Re-Issue Dark Shadows Barnabas / Old Man Barnabas Conversion Kit

Monarch Ghost of

Castel- Maré

 Moebius Frankenstein C.O.P.P. Basil Gogos Conversion Kit

 Moebius Mummy C.O.P.P. Boris Karloff Conversion Kit

 1964 Aurora The Chamber of Horrors La Guillotine

1965 Aurora Bride of Frankenstein


Moebius Re-Issue of Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde C.O.P.P. Barrymore

 Conversion Kit

 Moebius Zacherly The Cool Ghoul Conversion Kit

 Jaguar Nosferatu Bust


 Frankenstein Monster From the Woods


 Mark of the Vampire

Bela Lugosi Bust


 Glenn Strange Frankenstein Bust


 Karloff The Ghoul

Aurora Revenge of the Creature Conversion


Castle of Frankenstein

X-Facto Dark Shadows Barnabas

Billiken Creature From the Black Lagoon

Horizon Bride of Frankenstein Conversion


Forgotten Prisoner of Castél-Mare Tribute

Needful Things Evil Dead

Needful Things

The Goon

I was a Teenage Frankenstein Shrunken Head

1962 Aurora Dracula

1963 Aurora Hunchback of Notre Dame

Moebius Deluxe Dracula

Moebius Bride of Frankenstein

1963 Aurora Phantom of the Opera

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Drawings and Paintings from Richard A. Fuscia, Jr.

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