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Hello to all that are visiting my site. My name is Rich Fuscia, Jr. and I live in Atlanta, GA. I’m married and have a son. My current occupation is being a production artist, a job I feel lucky to have. It’s not often that someone can say they love their job but I do. I get to work on a Macintosh computer and work in programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I learn new things everyday. I don’t believe the analogy that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. I find that an ignorant statement.


I am proud to say that I am a practicing Roman Catholic. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I put Him before anything else.


My professional journey is a difficult one. Things didn’t go as planned as I had hoped for. But with God’s grace I found my way in this world. I was a high school drop out who got out with a GED. I find the school system antiquated. I went to vocational school for commercial art and found that antiquated as well. My main goal was to go to the Art Institute. I thought that would be the answer. After a year I was disillusioned even with 4.0 gpa. I dropped out of there as well with a mountain of student debt.  I guess you could say I was a rebel.


I always wanted to be a cartoonist / comic book artist. That was my vision of a happy life. To be able to produce art, get payed it, get exposure and build a fan base. I struggled to get that career off the ground and failed. The part that I failed at was getting paid and build a fan base. I still produce art.


I worked as a cook, stock boy, and courier for years. Until the iMac was introduced in 1998. Lucky for me I had the funds saved up to buy one and unbeknownst to me would pave the way for my career as a graphic artist and have been a professional for 15 years and still going.


My main goal has always been to be a cartoonist though. I will still carry the dream with me.


God Bless,


Richard A. Fuscia, Jr.





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